How Can I Increase My Website Traffic – For Free

You may be wondering how you can increase website sales. Or you may have just started to research what is the best home based business to start, and you don’t have a website yet. Whatever stage of your business planning you are in, if you are a small business owner, or an independent consultant, you know you need a strong online presence to be successful. You are probably asking yourself, “How can I increase my website traffic?” I can help.


I hope you get that, I am not trying to sell you ANYTHING with right now. That is not the purpose of this article at all. I just want to help you increase your sales, and help you be successful. This website, as a whole does include affiliate links in it, and I do get a commission if you click through these links and then buy something. It doesn’t cost you anything, but I get compensated by the advertisements here. I hope you read on, and learn how you can do this to make money too.

I began selling products, as an independent consultant selling motor oil and filters, in July 2012. I had a small network of customers, and the company would send me a few leads every once in a while. It slowly grew, but then sales just kind of plateau, as they always do once you exhaust all your friends and relatives, and the people you meet in your community. As an adult, you don’t really meet that many new people.

So I built a website, thinking I would get a lot of contacts that way. But there are a lot of websites that sell motor oil, and most of the people who search for motor oil would go to the corporate website or one of their competitors. Even if a potential customer looked for “Brand X motor oil dealer” it doesn’t mean that I would be in the top 5 search results. So I really didn’t get the big increase in sales. I thought, “How can I increase my website traffic?”


Get your business on Google – for free

Customers turn to search engines to find products Typically, they only consider clicking on the top 5 results. The way to get there is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even if you offer the goods or services that those customers are looking for, if they can’t find you, you can’t work with them. It isn’t hard to get ranked in the top Google searches, but you need to have some tools and training to.

To learn how to get in the top Google search results, the best way to learn is from people who are doing it themselves. There is a free training community, that gives you two free websites to get started, at

Here you can start from scratch, and you progress through the 10 lessons outlined below :

how can i increase my website traffic
The training is a combination of videos and web pages that you do at your own pace, whenever you want. There is nothing to purchase while doing these 10 lessons. You start from scratch, building out your website as you go through the training. When you are done, you will have a working website that you can use to make money online. You will have the knowledge and tools to get ranked higher in Google searches. You will have a domain name that you picked. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about website building, or even if you are not a good writer. The lessons cover that as well.

If you do have a website with a registered domain name, that is OK too. If you are getting better results from your newly search engine optimized website at WealthyAffiliate, you can use their tool to transfer it over. That way your current customers will still be able to go to your old website, it will be seamless to them.

You can apply this knowledge to new business models

After starting the training, I quickly realized I was doing a lot of things wrong, and I would never have really made any real money selling doing what I was doing. But after learning a few things, and understanding how to set up a profitable website, I realized I can apply what I learned to not just sell motor oil, but literally anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. As long as I could get into the top Google search results, I had a chance.

If you sell Rodan + Fields, or LuLaroe, or Avon or something of that nature, you really should take a look at this training. You can even use what you learn here to sell things for,, or really anybody, and you don’t have to buy any inventory (this isn’t drop shipping either). Your product and customer base just opens up to the entire world. Just think about that. You can learn how to get a commission from anybody who buys off the internet, and you can learn how to do it for free.

This is a community

As soon as you sign up, you see that everybody is very helpful. You cannot get lost, help is always available, you can even reach out to me if you want. You don’t have to be a computer genius (I’m not) or a really great writer (I’m not that either). Everything is explained in the training. I hope to see you over there. If you do sign up, Shoot me a message.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

See you soon.

8 Replies to “How Can I Increase My Website Traffic – For Free”

  1. Greg

    As someone who uses Wealthy Affiliate, I can attest that this is a very good community. Like everything, online work requires time and commitment. There is work required. But one can take stabs at various online possibilities or one can learn how it really works and do it the right way. Wealthy Affiliate teaches just that. The information in this community is second to none. WA gives you a skill and you can then put this skill to work by running your own online business from your laptop.

  2. Nate Kidd

    As they say traffic is the lifeblood of any business and we all need it. Unfortunately many have struggled for year and continue to struggle wondering how to “crack this code” so to speak.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can attest that my blog/business did not take off until I implemented what they were teaching. You learn exactly what it is you need to do to start, build, and scale your business.

    The community is awesome and very engaging. The tools are the best I have seen and the owner even is accessible.

    Just like any job, you have to learn the skills to be successful and it is not different with a home based business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches those skills.

  3. Furkan

    I think free website offer is appealing but how is the hosting quality? Is it fast enough? My current hosting provider actually is quite slow and I think of changing it.

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