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Looking at the chart below, it appears that AAPL stock quote at 222.60 has bounced of support. The trend for AAPL is up, going back to May 2018. Apple is expected to report earnings October 30th, and has recently been shipping it Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

aapl stock

Bollinger Bands

Below you can see AAPL stock at the 20-day moving average, and it has just started to peek above and into the upper channel. That can be considered a bullish signal.

aapl stock quote

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Fibonacci Pivot Points

The pivot points below show that AAPL stock has bounced off of P at 217.71, and resistance at R1 is 230.03. The second resistance for AAPL stock is at R2 237.64.

aapl stock quote


The RSI shows that while AAPL is nether overbought or over sold. The RSI is currently 57.88, as of this writing.

aapl stock quote


The MACD shows that sellers are losing steam, but hasn’t confirmed a buy signal. There may be some downward selling, but it is losing strength.

aapl stock


The stochastic shows a buy signal. The stoch is usually the first to jump, IMHO. Usually I would sell a 1 strike out of the money call spread if I saw that.

aapl stock

My Thoughts On AAPL Stock

I don’t currently have a position in AAPL stock, but if I did, I would probably sell an Iron condor, being short the 15 deltas in the front month.

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