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most active stocks

Ticker – GE
Country USA
Market Cap 100.28 B
EPS (ttm) -.42
Insider Own 0.14%
Inst Own 1.55%
Short Float 1.14%
Earnings October 19th before market open
Analyst Recom 2.80
Target Price 16.82
Avg Volume 59.71 Million
52 Week Range 11.60 – 25.21

One of the most active stocks today, General Electric closed down 4% on 9/25/18.  This is a 9 year low for the stock, which left the Dow Jones about 3 months ago.  I don’t currently have a postition on this stock, but I am waiting to see if it is going to form a base or just fall further.  The company certainly has its work cut out for itself.

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