Stock Ticker PRCP – Perceptron Inc

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Company Name: Perceptron Inc

Stock Ticker: PRCP

Outlook : Bullish

Strategy : Long Calls

I came across Perceptron Inc a few weeks ago. I used the screener tool at Typically I trade ETF’s like SPY, IWM, DIA, or GLD because they are more liquid, but occasionally I use the screener tool to find trading ideas.


I wanted to find a stock that I believe is undervalued, and is going to really pop in the future. I typically set my screener options to search for the following criteria

  • Country – USA
  • Option / Short – optionable
  • Price – Under 15
  • Return on Assets – positive
  • Returnon Equity – positive
  • Return On Investment – positive
  • Debt / equity – Low

perceptron financials

Then I look for something that has some volume. It isn’t really that technical, I feel that sometimes all those lines get in the way.

I decided to purchase 4 out the money calls. They expire January 2019, strike price of $17.50. I don’t typically buy out of the money options, but every once in a while, I like to buy what I call “Lottery Ticket” trades. I call them that because they have a low probability of expiring in the money, but you have to play to win.



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